Ed, Note We have selected a classic home door as our icon / identifier.  In our view, nothing else suggests the welcoming comfort and safety that home care offers.


Thank you for visiting our introductory, pre-publication page.  Our first issue, a beta release, is scheduled to be published on April 2, 2019.  Our goal is to provide a readily accessible reference point for the Home Care Giver. 


We also want our readers to know that we fully support the notion that home care is a reliable and viable alternative to more conventional health care practices.   Moreover, we submit that Home Care can actually provide a superior patient experience when compared to convalescent facilities in the medical mainstream.  The Journal of Home Care is authored by experienced home care givers.  We will also feature relevant content from professionals in the medical  community.


 In the event that you are contemplating or are presently providing home care for a loved one, you are embracing a centuries old philosophy of health care.  Indeed, there is currently a renaissance of home care instances throughout North America, Great Britain and Western Europe. 


In many, or most instances, modern home care relies on hospice for the expertise that ensures appropriate medical attention for the patient as well as guidance for patient and Care Giver alike.  Further, we acknowledge that not-for-profit hospice is known to provide the highest standards of patient care. 



It is  envisioned that each issue of TJOHC will address the following topics. . . . . .

Contemplating a Home Care Experience 
Topics:  A Family Affair  /  Contents / Hospice 


The Home Care Experience 
Nutrition  / The role of the Pharmacist  /  Personnel  Resources
Emergency  Preparedness  Entertainment  /  Equipment & Supplies  

An Online Directory
A widely inclusive directory of relevant organizations and/or resources

Spirituality - Editorial & Podcasts

In-Care Spirituality  /  After Life  /  The Grieving  Process 

1st Person Podcasts
A relevant dialogue on items pertinent to the HomeCare experience

Issues & Causes
We intend to be a voice in an effort to improve care standards for all patients be they elderly, indigent, infirm or any of society's forgotten souls.  Society and the medical profession must adopt  standards whereupon patient care can and  should be, zero defect.  All to often long-term care turns into the warehousing of patients with distressingly low standards. 


Content for the home care professional  
Items of interest to medical professionals


The Journal of Home Care will be updated as news items are received.  Thus every issue will be up to date . . . . 


Ed, Note: Non-Profit = Scholarships - We are hopeful that excess revenues will create a fund to support scholarships for home care providers to achieve certification (ie CNA etc)  Candidates would  be accepted from not-for-profit hospice organizations. 

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