In the event that you are contemplating, or are presently providing home care for a loved one, you are embracing a centuries old philosophy of health care.  Indeed, we are in the midst of a renaissance of home care instances throughout North America, Great Britain and Western Europe.  In many, or most instances, modern home care relies on hospice for the necessary expertise that ensures appropriate medical attention for the patient.  Where a cure is not possible, patient comfort is paramount.   Further, we acknowledge that not-for-profit hospice is widely known to provide the highest standards of patient care. 

We have selected a silhouette of vintage homes as the symbolic conveyance for our Journal of Home Care. These homes of character in our silhouette might be found canal-side in Amsterdam, throughout early Americana or early Canadian settlements the likes of historic Quebec.  This single image speaks volumes as it conveys the warmth and comfort of the welcoming one receives by simply returning home.  That's Home, as in HomeCare with all of the comfort and security one can enjoy with loved ones, sharing and caring for one who deserves each and every consideration.  Our Journal of Home Care is a topically ideal companion to "AnAngelsCare"  This is a online directory of sources and resources for the home care provider and medical professionals alike. 

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We have an added, but well informed enthusiasm for the topic of home care.  Simply stated, we submit that Home Care can actually provide a superior patient experience when compared to convalescent facilities in the medical mainstream.  "An Angels Care" is authored by experienced home care givers.  We also feature relevant content from professionals in the medical  community.  That said, in addition, to "An Angels Care" we are also publishing a companion, comprehensive online reference, "The Journal of Home Care.


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It is  envisioned that each issue of An Angels Care will address the following topics in one form or another. . . . . . 

Contemplating a Home Care Experience?  \

* A Family affair  *  Hospice  *   Contents  *  Equipment  and Supplies

The Home Care Experience 

 911 Ready  * Day to Day *  Care Givers *  Directory  * 

Emergency Prep     Resources, Human & Otherwise\
Contributors  *  Sponsors 


Whilst in-Care Spirituality  *  After Life  *  Grieving  Process 


Nutrition  / The role of the Pharmacist  /  Personnel  Resources
Emergency  Preparedness  /  Entertainment  /  Equipment & Supplies   

An Online Directory of Home Care from A to Z
A widely inclusive directory of relevant organizations and/or resources

Spirituality - Editorial & Podcasts 


1st Person Podcasts
A relevant dialogue on items pertinent to the HomeCare experience 

Ed, Note: Non-Profit = ScholarshipsWe are hopeful that excess revenues will create a fund to support scholarships for home care providers to achieve certification (ie CNA etc)  Candidates would  be accepted from not-for-profit hospice organizations.  

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