The banner above speaks volumes with nary a single word.  This  illustration could easily represent a row of vintage homes in Vermont, London's Little Venice, in Amsterdam, Dublin or Quebec  for that matter.  This is an instance of  commonality not inhibited by the restraints of language.  Yes indeed, Home is a word, a literal descriptive of a dwelling whereupon  a person or persons may inhabit to protect themselves from the elements.  Home is also a place for familial gathering.  Thus Home evokes feelings of comfort, of safety, of literal and collegial warmth.  Home is family and furthermore,  home is where the heart is . . .

Small wonder that so many homes today become the harbinger of comfort, warmth and care for an ailling spouse or other family member.   

"THE JOURNAL OF HOME CARE" is scheduled for ePublication in  autumn 2019.   Our goal is to provide a multi-faceted  and reliable reference on the topic of home care.  With that in mind, we are also pleased to introduce "AnAngelsCare.com" a companion collection of practical inspirations on a variety of topics for the home care giver.  "An Angels Care" is the perfect companion to "The Journal of Home Care."


Halos!  Halos!  Get your halos here.  One size fits all.  And, halos are the perfect accessory for any style, any color and of course, any occasion.  Remember, you cannot purchase a halo.  No, halos are earned, but it's so easy to do.  Being compassionate, thoughtful and considerate are first steps.  And, if you want to fast-track your halo, caring for a loved one will do the trick every time.  Nothing says "I Love you, like caring, really caring...... "

We also want our readers to know that we fully support the notion that home care is a viable alternative to more conventional health care practices.   Moreover, we submit that HomeCare can actually provide a superior patient experience when compared to convalescent facilities in the medical mainstream.  "The Journal of Home Care" and "An Angels Care" are  authored by experienced home care givers.    We will also feature relevant content from professionals in the medical  community.

Notes for your further consideration

The Journal of Home Care will be updated as news items are received.  Thus every issue will be up to date . . . .

"An Angels Care" & 'The Journal of Home Care" will feature editorial coverage on these and other topics . . . 

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To thee oh Holy Family, we pray
We pray to St. Joseph, father of the Holy Family 
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our Lord and our Savior
Oh Holy Family, please hear our prayers




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